Wooden Desk / Upcycled pallet wood


Hand made, upcycled pallet wood desk / table

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A hand made, wooden desk or table with IKEA screw on legs. The desk has a wood plate on the back so it can be fixed to the wall to make it more stable. Due to the IKEA legs it is a little wobbly but will be better when fixed to a wall. Or if you put hair pin legs on it it would get rid of the slight wobbly completely.  A really nice rustic, pallet wood desk / table that could have a few uses. Could be used outside if painted or vanished to prolong it’s life against rain etc. The desk as is, isn’t vanished or painted. Hand made means it does have scratches, marks, dents etc.

Approximate measurements; 73 cm high x 98 cm wide

Delivery within the London, some Surrey areas or you can collect it in South London. For delivery please send us a message with your request and take a look at the terms and conditions regarding delivery of large items by courier or the LoadsaStuff van


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