Wedgwood Ashford | Soup Bowls

SOLD. Wedgwood Ashford soup bowls with saucers.


SOLD. This item was recently sold. Please check back soon as we are always sourcing and listing tableware for sale here and might have something similar in the future

All tableware on this website is listed as for “hire with view to buy” This means, when you pay for the tableware and decide to keep it on receipt of it for the price you have paid on this listing, in this case, £77, there is nothing more to pay. If you decide to return the tableware to us, to cover our cost of it potentially being used within the return period, you will be charged a tableware hire rate. The tableware hire rate is the price you pay here on this listing. In this case £77, which is non refundable. This allows you to use the tableware and return it to us if you do not wish to keep it, at no extra cost to you other than postage costs. If you disagree with this Term and Condition of sale please do not purchase this tableware.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale regarding buying and returning tableware to us before purchase.


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