Privacy Policy

LoadsaStuffVintage collects information in cookies for the purpose of making the customer experience when using this website, more enjoyable or convenient.  LoadsaStuffVintage never sells information such as names and email addresses. Only if demanded by law will any information collected from customers by LoadsaStuffVintage be handed to a third party. Our customers privacy is important to us.  Information such as bank details are never collected by LoadsaStuffVintage because we use PayPal as our only payment gateway which keeps customer bank details private and never shares them with us. Customer addresses are collected when making a purchase for the purpose of sending items to the customer only.

When a customer leaves a review in the Review boxes on the product pages, either to ask questions about items they are interested in buying, make offers or to leave feedback, the  information which is collected by LoadsaStuffVintage such as the customer email address and any information required for security reasons, is not made public. Only the message content sent by the customer is in public view. If the customer does not want their message content to be in public view, the customer should send a message to us using the Contact Form only. All messages sent using the Contact Form are private and remain private.

Cookies are used to make the customer experience more enjoyable such as when a customer views a product the product image will remain in view as an icon for the customer to go back to if they wish to.