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As a growing online presence, LoadsaStuffVintage is happy to offer advertising space to traders, sellers, artists, photographers and any one who offers customers an honest service. We sell retro, vintage, craft, quality goods that have been sourced from a number of places and intend on developing this area of the brand, keeping that in mind.  To advertise on this website the advert, product or service must be for a quality product.

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Available advertising space on this website.

Banner images, text links and sliders.   Also available, subscribed pages. The monthly subscription fee for a banner image link in a slider with other adverts paid via automatic Paypal payments is £20. The price for your of own slider of images and text is  £30 a month. The advert will stay in place until the subscription is cancelled by you, the customer. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and the advert will be deleted before the following month.  Terms and Conditions apply. An example of a slider advert is below. This could be all of your images and text or a part of a group of other adverts.

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Refunds are issued after deducting a pro rator amount. For example, £20 paid by you, cancelled 5 days after having paid the monthly subscription and within 14 days after the first payment will be less a quarter of the monthly payment of £20. There after refunds are not

Have your own subscribed, URL web page here.  For a monthly subscription fee of £40 a trader, seller, service etc, can have their own URL web page here on the website which is positioned in the main menu and will show up on Google and other search engines when the page is indexed, in it’s own right.  This option includes a link through text or banner image on the LoadsaStuffVintage Home page and or product pages that are relevant to what you are offering. If you want to advertise prints for example, an image link could be added on a product page for framed prints etc.  An artist or photographer could have a link to their page on the website or a link to their own website. Ideas to help promote subscribed pages on this website are always being looked at. You can cancel your subscription whenever you wish to. Monthly subscription payments are made automatically through Paypal which you can cancel via Paypal whenever you wish within your Paypal account.  A page can be subscribed to for as long as we, meaning, you and  LoadsaStuffVintage are in agreement and wish  to continue with the transaction.  Terms and Conditions apply.

The benefit in advertising here. Who would this offer suit?  LoadsaStuffVintage is a genuine, online store selling retro, vintage and craft home ware items, it is not a classified or market place website. This means subscribed pages are a show case of your service, brand or product and are advertised as a part of the LoadsaStuffVintage store meaning less competiton for you. Think of it as an emporium of traders. The store is always being worked on for ranking on Google and other search engines and is already starting to see pages being ranked on the first and second pages of Google for the products. Individual pages are indexed and ranked by Google based on the content you have put on to your pages so that you can be found by potential customers. If you are unsure of what to add to your page, you can get help when you subscribe to a page here. Contact details can be private if you prefer, using the LoadsaStuffVintage online form, images and text descriptions can be added on to your page which can be updated when you need the page to be updated. ( fair use policy applies ). You can have a link through image on your page to a market place shop you have such as Ebay or your Facebook page for example. Ranking high on search engines takes time and effort to achieve. Whether you have a small budget or no budget, as a small business, trade or artist starting up and needing an online presence for your work, running a website can be expensive if you don’t know how or do not want to run one.  A wedding photographer needing to be accessible to potential customers all over the UK. A seller using  a market place such as Ebay or Etsy wanting to establish themselves and in need of more advertising. If you are not interested in spending the time to  run and optimize a website to get indexed by Google and other search engines, if you can’t afford a lot to pay someone to do it on a regular basis, then this offer might suit you. As the LoadsaStuffVintage online presence grows, all pages will also show up better on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and benefit from any potential customers coming to this website. At the moment we can’t offer an advertising page that you can log into and customize yourself, so your details are updated for you as and when requested by you by email. ( fair use policy applies ).

Terms and conditions apply